Beware those who ensures safe working or who require fees to join a modeling agencyt. Send us your details including photos, using the form on this site.  We will evaluate your requirements, and if you will be considered suitable, we'll contact you for an appointment at Mode Fashion Agency in Riccione.

You are the focus for the agency, that will take care of you and will promote you through your potential, while preserving the best way your image and your person.


Your first and most important tool is the photo book that must be fashion, representative, well-selected and made with high quality.


The only other investment you may consider to do in the job of models is for your professional training. Also for this consider also qualified agencies. Consider a complete training for your personal and professional development, offering a program with practice and theory. Check the credibility and professionalism of teachers. A course of poise-setting is important but not enough for a models. To approach the world of fashion, you must study. Learn to interpret, express and enhance the clothes in a specific context. Take care for your body, and motivate your mind, creating a balance between body and spirit. You need to be good looking, but also character, perseverance, and high personality.


The agency provides you with the professionalism, expertise and market experience to find the best way to promote you, and create to you a winner image.


For any doubt please contact the agency that is always available to answer all your questions with absolute clarity and professionalism.



Debora Masini: +39 3933332144 | debora.masini@modericcione.it

Giorgio Avanzolini: + 39 347 9819105 | giorgio.avanzolini@modericcione.it